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  Viverito Family  

Welcome to the Viverito Family WebSite.

While I have grand plans for this site; to include pages for photo topics, pages for each of the kids & other relatives who contribute material, pages for hobbies and a family tree with photo's where possible.

The 'Geneology' button will bring you to all current and past families merged into the Viverito Family by marriage & blood as far back as I can trace things. My sister Anita Tjaden provided much of the immediate family history several years ago. My cousin Andy Amann Jr. (1935-2004) is suppose to have much of the family status for all the cousin's and my grandmother Josephine's side of the family. And finally from details provided by my mother Dorothy Bell; on her side of the family.

In my mind I see a couple of main pages for this; one with a transparent charter oak tree that holds the last names of all the families that have merged into the Viverito family. Two would be the pages that are link to the last names on the first and would hold all immediate family details for that last name. The miniature oak tree Icon would bring you back to the main 'Geneology' page

The 'Photo's' button will bring you to a main page of icon size photos for each Photo Topic page. Such as Vacations by location, Christmas by year, Special events by type. Each icon leading to a photo story page; my hope is that all family members and relatives from all families will contribute and reference this site.

The 'Kids' button will take you to a main page of photo icon's representing the members of the family & relatives that have contributed items for publication to their individual pages.

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